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Bungalow Dolphin 1 Bedroom

Bungalow Dolphin 1 BedroomRoyal Safari Garden

Special Discount for Taman Safari Ticket.

Wide display of living animals and waterpark located in a wooden Land of 14Ha with wide variety of recreational activities.

“Additional Breakfast Only IDR 138.000 Nett/ Person”

Located in Cisarua within a wooden park of 14Ha, Royal Safari Garden Resort and Convention offers a wide display of living animals and activities ranging from Dewi Kinaris Bird Park,Terarium American Fish, Rabbit playground,Hydroponic garden and a lot of recreational activities starting from The Splash waterpark ,bumper cars, mini train, paddle boat, a mini golf course. Many ride available for children and adult such as horse, elephant and camel rides. Guests can enjoy the fishing pond & children playground to experience moments of leisure.


Max. Adults: 2 Max. Children: 2

Reminiscent of modern beach residence, aesthetic dolphin ambience with 1 bedrooms and homey living room. Near to our splash waterpark

Facility :

  • Facilities include air conditioner,
  • Dining room,
  • A bathroom with shower, water heater
  • Amenities bathroom,
  • Complimentary tea, coffee & bottled water, mini bar
  • Cable television 32”,
  • Safe deposit box (SDB),
  • Seating area and dining room
  • Telephone and free Wi-Fi connection.
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All in one Ticket IDR 175.000,- for enjoying 11 recreation activities.

Special Promotions

Soft Opening Giraffe FeedingLimited OffersExpired 00:00:00

A new experience at Royal Safari Garden, There are 2 giraffes and you can interact by feeding and take photo together.

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Carnival Light Night New Years Eve 2023Limited OffersExpired 00:00:00

Semarak perayaan Tahun Baru 2023, Royal Safari Garden mempersembahkan pesta Carnival Light Night dengan beragam pertunjukan yang spektakuler.

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Booking Hemat via WebsiteLimited OffersExpired 00:00:00

Especially for book directly our website for the period on November 18, 2022 - January 10, 2023. Get a variety and special benefits.

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Christmas HolidayLimited OffersExpired 00:00:00

Make this Christmas season of year with a pleasant stay at Royal Safari Garden. Christmas Holiday Package on December 16-22, 2022.

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Wonderful ChristmasLimited OffersExpired 00:00:00

Make this Christmas season of year with a wonderful pleasant stay at Royal Safari Garden. Wonderful Christmas Package on December 22-25, 2022.

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Joyful HolidayLimited OffersExpired 00:00:00

Make this Christmas season of year with a joyful pleasant stay at Royal Safari Garden. Joyful Holiday Package on December 26-29, 2022.

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Gyong Chi RestaurantLimited OffersExpired 00:00:00

Kini telah hadir Restoran Korea di Puncak-Bogor, Gyong Chi Restaurant dengan Interior ala Italia yang estetik dan Instagramable dengan menawarkan pilihan Menu khas Korea yang otentik dan istimewa.

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Saturday Night Barbeque at Sky GardenLimited OffersExpired 00:00:00

Rasakan sensasi Barbeque dengan panorama indahnya pegunungan Puncak dimalam hari.

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Covaberry Latte & Hawaiian BoosterLimited OffersExpired 00:00:00

Minuman dengan perpaduan yang pas antara coffee latte, strawberry dan vanilla menghasilkan Covaberry Latte yang sangat menyegarkan. Hawaiian Booster minuman dengan kombinasi antara Banana, Pineapple, Coconut Cream & Ice Cream Vanilla yang segar dan membuat Mood Booster.

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Coconut DelightLimited OffersExpired 00:00:00

Rasakan pengalaman menyantap Nasi Goreng & Bakso yang unik berbeda dari yang lain. Sajian Nasi Goreng dan Bakso didalam batok kelapa muda, bertambah gurih dan sensasi segar dengan adanya kelapa yang lembut dan empuk.

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Sweet and SavoryLimited OffersExpired 00:00:00

Feel the deliciousness of the sweet and savory Wood Fire Pizza, as well as the Pizza with Chicken Sambal Matah topping that are very appetizing.

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PreWedding Photo With AnimalsLimited OffersExpired 00:00:00

Every love story is beautiful, but your should be unique!

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Coming Soon Giraffe FeedingLimited OffersExpired 00:00:00

Get closer with Giraffe at Royal Safari Garden

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Africa AdventureLimited OffersExpired 00:00:00

Africa Adventure is an exciting adventure ride where you can get to know more closely the animals from various continents, such as Africa, America & Asia including 8 types of Animals.

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BancakanLimited OffersExpired 00:00:00

Menu yang berasal dari Jawa Barat, Bancakan yang artinya makan ramai-ramai. Sajian menu tradisional khas Sunda yang lezat dan sangat cocok untuk dinikmati bersama keluarga.

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Cooking ClassLimited OffersExpired 00:00:00

Learn, Play & Fun, Cooking Class every Saturday & Holiday at Kanoopi Coffee & Eatery 03.00 PM

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Birthday Celebrate With AnimalLimited OffersExpired 00:00:00

Celebrate your birthday moment or the baby is memorable by celebrating with the animals.

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High RopeLimited OffersExpired 00:00:00

Challenge your confidence, courage and independence. High Rope rides IDR.50K

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Nature MeetingLimited OffersExpired 00:00:00

Nikmati suasana meeting dengan nuansa alam yang asri, sejuk dan bersih di Royal Safari Garden. Pengalaman meeting bersama keluarga, kerabat, teman, dan rekan kerja yang berkesan dan tak terlupakan.

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Ayam BTSLimited OffersExpired 00:00:00

Sajian istimewa Ayam Bakar Teras Savanna, tersedia 1 Ekor Ayam bakar, potongan paha atau dada ayam yang diberi berbagai macam bumbu kaya rempah khas Indonesia dan dibakar dengan sempurna.

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Tiket Masuk Royal Safari GardenLimited OffersExpired 00:00:00

Buat kamu yang tidak menginap, namun ingin berekreasi bersama keluarga di Royal Safari Garden cukup membayar tiket mulai dari Rp.30.000nett per orang.

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Kanoopi ExpressLimited OffersExpired 00:00:00

Spesial menu terbaru yang ditawarkan Kanoopi Express, ada Safari Beef Burger, Hot Dog, Corndog, Pisang Nugget dll

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Virtual Animal Education TourLimited OffersExpired 00:00:00

Come and Join us for an exciting and memorable adventure with Virtual Animal Education Tour.

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Bike To SafariLimited OffersExpired 00:00:00

Royal Safari Garden present BTS! Bike To Safari, for those of you who like sport especially cycling, you can join the BTS program

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Wedding PackageLimited OffersExpired 00:00:00

Ubah impian pernikahan Anda menjadi momen yang berkesan dan unik dengan keluarga dan teman dekat. Kami akan membantu Anda dalam mengatur acara pernikahan di lingkungan yang aman dan sehat.

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New Panda Hotel!Limited OffersExpired 01:01:11

Open on November 1st, 2020, Have a feel different experience staycation in the unique and impressive Panda environment at the New Panda Building!

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Super Ricebowl!Limited OffersExpired 00:00:00

Healthy and practical food that we offer at an economical price, only Rp. 38.000nett/ricebowl available a variety of options

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Spesial Promo Join Bank Diskon Sampai 40%!!!Limited OffersExpired 19:00:00

Spesial untuk Anda nasabah Bank Mandiri, BNI & BRI mendapatkan diskon sampai 40% serta beragam promo menarik lainnya.

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Moow...Moow.. Steak!Limited OffersExpired 00:00:00

Kannopi Moow Moow Steak - Best Steak recipe with Premium Beef/Salmon/Chicken make this steak Superr delicious and perfectly tasty, make you want again after every bites.

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Recreation Ticket Price!Limited OffersExpired 00:00:00

Recreation Ticket Price at Royal Safari Garden!

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Menu Desa PasundanLimited OffersExpired 00:00:00

Makan ber-empat lebih hemat, mulai dari 165.000++ , tersedia di De'Savanna Restaurant

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Buffet De'savanna RestaurantLimited OffersExpired 10:00:00

Rasakan Sensasi Makan Sambil di Temani Satwa Hanya di De'savanna Restaurant

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Kanoopi's Special!Limited OffersExpired 09:31:18

Woodfire Pizza !! Taste delicious Woodfire Pizza with your family or friends at Kanoopi Coffee & Eatery

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Special Price for Taman Safari TicketLimited OffersExpired 00:00:00

it’s Only 170.000,-/person!

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