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Grand Deluxe Royal Dolphin 3 Bedroom
Deluxe Royal Dolphin 2 Bedroom

Bungalow Dolphin

The newly renovated bungalow reminiscent of modern beach residence, aesthetic dolphin ambience with 3 bedrooms and homey living room. Near to our splash waterpark.

Bungalow Dolphin 1 Bedroom

Reminiscent of modern beach residence, aesthetic dolphin ambience with 1 bedrooms and homey living room. Near to our splash waterpark

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Bungalow Deluxe Dolphin 2 Bedroom

Deluxe Bungalow 3 Bedrooms is surrounded by shady trees while rooms are twin beds….

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Bungalow Grand Deluxe Dolphin 3 Bedroom

Deluxe Bungalow 3 Bedrooms is surrounded by shady trees while rooms are twin beds…

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Special Promotions

New Panda Hotel!Limited OffersExpired 01:01:11

Open on November 1st, 2020, Have a feel different experience staycation in the unique and impressive Panda environment at the New Panda Building!

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Panda Journey !!!Limited OffersExpired 00:00:00

Have a feel staycation in memorable at the New Panda Hotel and include experience Panda Journey at Taman Safari.

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Virtual Animal Education TourLimited OffersExpired 00:00:00

Come and Join us for an exciting and memorable adventure with Virtual Animal Education Tour.

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Romantic Chinese New YearLimited OffersExpired 00:00:00

Celebrate the arrival of the Year of the Ox with your beloved ones at Royal Safari Garden. Best wishes for the holidays and happiness throughout the Chinese New Year!

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American Beef SteakLimited OffersExpired 00:00:00

The best steak with Premium Beef quality makes this steak dish very delicious, weighing 1 Kg of Beef for 4 person, enjoyed with beloved family or friends

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Spesial Promo Join Bank Diskon Sampai 40%!!!Limited OffersExpired 19:00:00

Spesial untuk Anda nasabah Bank Mandiri, BNI & BRI mendapatkan diskon sampai 40% serta beragam promo menarik lainnya.

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Free Ticket Mini GolfLimited OffersExpired 00:00:00

Every purchase of a recreational ticket (wristband) IDR. 200K (11 Recreation Rides & Africa Adventure), get free mini golf ticket.

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Moow...Moow.. Steak!Limited OffersExpired 00:00:00

Kannopi Moow Moow Steak - Best Steak recipe with Premium Beef/Salmon/Chicken make this steak Superr delicious and perfectly tasty, make you want again after every bites..

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Let's Go FishingLimited OffersExpired 00:00:00

Follow the excitement of fishing competition with us only on Weekend at 12.00PM Term & condition applied.

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Tropical FreshLimited OffersExpired 00:00:00

Mango Sticky Rice, Thai special dessert savory sticky rice and quality sweet mango combined with coconut milk. Fresh without preservative and also enjoy the delicious fresh of Coconut Jelly.

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Lapis Royal PremiumLimited OffersExpired 00:00:00

Lapis Royal Premium is so tempting because of its beautiful appearance, soft cake texture and special taste, every bite of this cake will spoil your tongue and make you addicted.

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Recreation Ticket Price!Limited OffersExpired 00:00:00

Recreation Ticket Price at Royal Safari Garden!

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Special Promo De'Savanna RestaurantLimited OffersExpired

Transaksi min 150k di De'Savanna mendapat diskon 30% untuk Africa Adventure ticket & Transaksi min 100K mendapatkan Free tiket Rekreasi

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Sweet Martabak.Limited OffersExpired 00:00:00

A Tasty Sweet Martabak, available at Kanoopi Coffee & Eatery - Royal Safari Garden!

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Menu Desa PasundanLimited OffersExpired 00:00:00

Makan ber-empat lebih hemat, mulai dari 150.000++ , tersedia di De'Savanna Restaurant

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Safari Night AdventureLimited OffersExpired 00:00:00

Let's a get a Fun & Memorable Night Adventure like never before!

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Safari TrekLimited OffersExpired 23:05:20

Its Nature Time!! Setelah #dirumah aja 3 bulan ini waktunya menikmati sejuk & segarnya udara di hutan & pegunungan!!

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Promo Buffet De'savanna RestaurantLimited OffersExpired 10:00:00

Promo Buffet at De'savanna Restaurant All You Can Eat only weekend for Lunch & Dinner Adult IDR. 109.000nett Kids IDR. 59.000nett Experience Dining With Animals Around You

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Buy Safari Tumbler Get Free CoffeeLimited OffersExpired 00:00:00

Come on, our beautiful collection of Safari Tumbler Buy Safari Tumbler only IDR. 78K Nett and Get Free Coffee Hot/Cool (Americano Caffe Late, Caramel Macchiato, Bonbon/Piccolo) available at Kanoopi Coffee & Eatery

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Kanoopi's Special!Limited OffersExpired 09:31:18

Woodfire Pizza !! Taste delicious Woodfire Pizza with your family or friends at Kanoopi Coffee & Eatery

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PanDa! Prasmanan Sunda!Limited OffersExpired 00:00:00

Your Favorite Food

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Special Price for Taman Safari TicketLimited OffersExpired 00:00:00

it’s Only 175.000,-/person!

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